Нашi товари

The AgriProtein product range is simple, wholesome, organic and 100% natural – just the way nature intended it. We have three core products: MagMeal™, MagOil™ and MagSoil™.

World protein consumption is likely to grow significantly. Industrial farming of animals including chickens, pigs and fish relies significantly on protein from land-based grains and marine captured fishmeal.

Agricultural protein requires vast amounts of land and water, while the sea-caught alternative has material consequences for marine ecosystems. Presently, 67% of fishmeal is produced from wild catch despite over a third of fish stocks currently being fished at biologically unsustainable levels. The State of Fisheries and Aquaculture 2018 has expressed grave concern about the current status quo.

Increased global food demand and environmental limits have caused prices of both protein sources to rise in recent years. It is estimated that there will be a 5 million tonne shortfall in fishmeal supply by 2024.

AgriProtein products offer a sustainable, high-quality, natural alternative to fishmeal and vegetable oils.


MagMeal is a sustainable, high quality animal protein derived from back soldier fly larvae that can be fed to all monogastric animals including fish, chickens and pets.

It is a 55% protein feed ingredient with a highly digestible blend of essential amino acids, demonstrated by extensive feed trials and peer reviewed literature.


MagOil is a versatile, natural oil that is extracted from our larvae with a high concentration of lauric acid. It is suitable for use in aquaculture feed, pet food and as a replacement for less sustainable oils such as fish oil, coconut and palm oil.


MagSoil is the larval residue or compost that is left over at the end of our process. High in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N-P-K), it is a valuable, organic soil conditioner.