Наша технологiя

AgriProtein is pioneering waste-to-nutrient insect technology using black soldier fly larvae to upcycle organic waste into premium and sustainable protein for animal feed.



Local organic food waste from food factories, supermarkets, farms and restaurants is delivered to our factory. All organic matter undergoes quality control checks and is processed into a suitable and safe feed substrate for our fly larvae to consume. These checks, combined with our supplier control software to monitor traceability, come together to make just the right, consistent diet for our larvae.


Our flies are kept in digitally controlled, bio-secure conditions that mimic nature. Our fly cages and conditions incorporate years of research and input from our entomologists and engineers in order to maximise egg production and ensure the welfare of our flies.

Through natural selection and our breeding techniques, our entomologists ensure that we always have the strongest genetic strains in our system, whilst maintaining population diversity.

From specific light wavelengths that mimic dawn and dusk (when reproduction occurs in the wild), to fly sexing techniques and natural day cycles, we maximise egg production across each cubic metre of cage space.

Eggs become juvenile larvae, and these remarkable creatures increase their weight over 200 times in just 10 days as they eat through our specially researched and presented feed substrate in optimal climatic conditions.

As in any farming operation, feeding rates, animal wellbeing and competition are key elements that we have studied over the years, ensuring the highest possible survival rate and bioconversion from hatch to harvest.


The third part of our process involves the separation of the larvae and the substrate into our various product streams. This is where we refine our product, taking nature’s pre-historic process and industrialising the production of larvae and frass (larval residue), turning them into quality, market leading products.

MagMeal™ is an insect based complete protein made entirely from our larvae.

MagOil™ is a pure and natural oil made from our larvae, nothing else.

MagSoil™ is an organic soil conditioner made from the organically broken-down residue left at the end of the process.

All our products undergo robust quality control and scientific testing both internally and with independent organisations, to ensure quality and safety.


Research is core to what we do. We have an outstanding global research team headed by Dr. Cameron Richards who is based at our Singapore R&D hub.

Alongside existing relationships with renowned independent institutions, we leverage the expertise of our own state of the art Research & Development laboratories in Cape Town, California and Singapore, as well as those of our sister company, Circular Organics, in Europe.

Our cutting-edge science is still pushing research boundaries. The team never stop questioning, never feel they have understood everything and are empowered to embark on large, game changing programmes. Our Advanced Products Group is constantly working on new, high value-added products from our process – stay tuned for exciting updates in this area.